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Art Swap with Chuck D

Chuck D of Public Enemy and Prophets of Rage was in town for the signing of his first fine art book 'Livin' Loud' . Chuck is a visual artist as well as a musician and his book includes 250 of his paintings, sketches, and drawings, as well as commentary that tracks his musical and artistic career, providing a rare insight into his life and work.

I had met Chuck D a few years ago and we spoke on music and art and I had asked it what album most resonates with him his answer was ' Stand ' by Sly and The Family Stone. So knowing he was in town it was a great opportunity to create this piece for him.

He had also personally signed all the fans books, with not just his signature but a personal portrait. It truly shows you what an incredible person he really is.

Vinyl Art of Sly Stone
Chuck D and The Artful Fro
Vinyl Art with Sly and The Family Stone

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