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Luke Cage and Misty Knight...?

Or should I say Method Man..

I attended this years 2023 London Film and Comic Con and heard Mike Colter was going to be there. I absolutely loved the TV series Luke Cage and Mike's portrayal of Luke Cage so wasn't going to miss this opportunity to meet him.

If you had seen the series you will know the heavy influence of music and particularly Hip Hop within it. There is a great scene from season 1, episode 12 called "Soliloquy of Chaos," where Luke Cage (Mike Colter) stops two criminals robbing a store this so happens to have Method Man portraying himself there. They exchange pleasantries and Luke Cage explains how much PLO style was his joint back in the day. This inspired me to create my Luke and Meth artwork which I was able to have Mike sign.

All I need it Meth now... ; )

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