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Who is 'The Artful Fro' ?


Meet Rachael Francis Hosten, the visual artist behind the moniker 'The Artful Fro,' navigating the vibrant art scene of London.  Her art journey ignited with a simple gift when she was young —a box of crayons, given to her by her mother who happened to work at a Crayola factory. Little did they know, this would kindle the flames of Rachael's lifelong love affair with drawing.

Armed with an HND in Graphic Design and a Foundation Diploma in Art, Rachael's creativity took a rhythmic turn in 2015 when she started painting on vinyl records. Why vinyl, you wonder? It's where her love for art harmonizes seamlessly with her deep affinity for music. With acrylic paint as her wand, she transforms unwanted vinyl into unique portraits, drawing inspiration from the titans of music, cinema, and politics.

Rachael's artistic wizardry has opened doors to encounters with some extraordinary individuals, from DJ Jazzy Jeff , to Snoop Dogg, leaving a trail of bespoke artworks in her wake. Dive into her blog for an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek!

Her creative journey has spanned exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond, showcasing her creations to a global audience. Check out her exhibition page for a glimpse into her past triumphs and future adventures.

And what lies ahead for this creative maven? Simple – to adorn as many walls as possible with her captivating art. Brace yourself for a visual symphony as Rachael's art continues to dance across vinyl worldwide! 






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The Artful Fro


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